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You know, I was obsessed with The Simpsons when I was younger. I would record every episode off the TV. I had about 18 videotapes crammed full. I had all the merchandise, comic books, collectors items, everything. My room was basically a shrine to The Simpsons. If you walk into my room today, you will still see remnants of my past love for this show. Even today I still adore it and consider the earlier seasons to be some of the best pieces of television ever made. So the slow, painful, cringeworthy death of this iconic series is heartbreaking to me.

Who let this happen? Why did Matt Groening stand by and allow his creation to suffer like this? Why did the actors partake in it for so long? Did none of them have the artistic integrity to end the show? The sad thing is, The Simpsons will no longer be remembered just for being a brilliant show. It will be remembered as a formerly brilliant show that ran for thirty years and refused to die. People will write about it for decades to come, pointing out the fact that The Simpsons was bad for more seasons than it was good. What a tragedy.

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