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Property taxes are fucked up.

“Hey sir, you own that house. You need to pay us for owning that house or we’ll arrest you.”

Estate and gift taxes are more fucked up.

“Hey, you’re not allowed to freely give your stuff to other people– Uncle Sam demands a huge-ass chunk!!!”

Income tax is the most fucked up.

“Hey, you worked hard for that money to support yourself and your family, now give the government 15% of it so we can waste and mismanage it as usual”

When I worked at the power plant, depending on how much I made each week (because I was working overtime), they would take out 28-35% each week, sometimes more.

My dad pays a 39% tax on his income. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Since you use money to procure the basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter; a tax on your basic income used to acquire them IS a form of slavery.

People think taxes are voluntary… But they are coerced through threat of violence at the point of a gun. Think not? Try not paying them… People with guns will show up and take you to jail where more people with guns will keep you until you pay them or you die.

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