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June 10 2015








it bothers me that Kansas and Arkansas are not pronounced the same

I’m from the UK and I have been pronouncing Arkansas as Ar-Kansas my whole life

For all my non-american friends, Arkansas is pronounced ark-an-saw



I’m laughing

There is a town in Kansas named Arkansas pronounced Ar-Kansas too.

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What a difference 49 years makes top pic, Ford Ranger II Concept, 1966, bottom, new Ford Ranger Wildtrack, 2015

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FBI surveillance plane doing circles…

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Creepy phone charger

i don’t have access to a vocabulary complex enough to adequately describe how much i hate this

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Shout out to all the people I follow who never change their blog name.   Cause I don’t know who the fuck the rest of you are.

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Flying near the Superstition Mountains, AZ

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Dismantle the UN!!!

Oh yeah that’s a great fucking idea

While we’re at it why not just toss all our fucking nukes at eachother

God damn people on this site are the most uneducated over opinionated shits I’ve ever met

What the hell does dismantling the UN have to do with firing nukes at one another?  Unless you seriously believe the UN is somehow preventing us from attacking each other with nukes in which case…

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June 09 2015

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Porsche Type 904 Carrera GTS, 1964. The Carrera GTS was the road-legal version of the 904 FIA-GT class race car which was built to comply with Group 3 homologation regulations. 104 road cars were built. 

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Nice Plymouth Savoy 



if we cant swim, you cant drive #McKinney

If we can’t hop the fence to a private pool party we weren't invited to and get drunk and smoke weed and fight parents, we’ll sit in the intersection!!! (After we request time off work of course)

‘The slogans’ - another TG insider story by former script editor Richard Porter.


For 13 years I was the script editor on Top Gear. Here’s another boring story about that.

We weren’t very good with planning on Top Gear. The stuff we put loads of work into often turned out badly. Hence never-loved features like Barn Or Bin or the utter tossfest of Top Gear Stuntman. Whereas the things we didn’t really plan for often became unexpectedly good or turned out to be important. Hence the American road trip that spiralled into something so massive it couldn’t be edited to fit into a normal studio programme, earned a whole show to itself and accidentally invented the annual Top Gear not-Christmas special.

There are a couple of things people seem to remember from that inadvertent special. The cow on the roof of a Camaro being one. That one wasn’t planned at all. Jeremy thought of it in the field, possibly literally, and there weren’t any dead cows lying around so he rang the office back home and one of our researchers hammered the phones into the night until he found a nearby farmer with a no-longer-mooing body we could use. I often thought Top Gear had the most talented and dedicated production team in television and there’s your proof; even from 4000 miles away and at short notice, our people could source locate a stinking, bloated, rotten, disgusting cow corpse.

The second thing the American road trip is remembered for is the slogans daubed down the cars. Now that one was planned. It was planned by me. Sorry. I’d had this idea ages before for something called The Texas Smartcar Challenge in which a presenter was required to drive a bright pink Smart covered in jauntily liberal slogans across the Lone Star state and see how far they could get before they got lynched. Thing is, we’d have needed to ship the Smart over there, and fly our crews from the UK, and it all started to sound like a lot of time and expense and effort just to get someone’s head kicked in. So the idea went away until we started planning an American road trip and it became clear we might be passing through some places where ‘liberal’ is basically a swear word. I mentioned the slogans part of my Smart idea in a meeting. People seemed to like it. ‘So basically, you want us to be killed’ said Hammond with mock indignation. No, no, no, I’m sure it’ll be fine, I insisted.

I wrote some suggested slogans on strips of paper, divided these up between three envelopes which I gave to the crew, and waved everyone off to the airport. And then, having sent our plucky lads off to their fate, I bravely went on holiday to New York. While I was there I went for an afternoon drink with my friend Tracy, who’s from the American south. We’re actually filming in the south at the moment, I said jauntily. Yes, it’s all terribly amusing, I went on, we’re writing slogans down our cars and driving them through Alabama. Tracy looked aghast. ‘You’re doing what?’ she spluttered. No, no, it’s fine, I laughed. We’re just messing around, I’m sure it’ll just be a little bit awkward or something. ‘Trust me,’ she continued in that casually aggressive tone New York obliges its inhabitants to perfect. ‘I’m from down there, I know those people. They. Will. Fucking. Kill. You.’ Oh dear me no, I said, trying to maintain an upbeat tone. I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Shortly afterwards my phone rang. Several times in fact. I can’t remember the specifics of what was said, but the words ‘properly angry’ and ‘fucking scary’ might have been used and I think possibly Jeremy claimed they were ‘almost literally killed’.

I never imagined that some idiotic things daubed down three cars would get an actual reaction. Secretly, I was quite thrilled. Obviously, it’s easy to be thrilled when you’re 1000 miles up-country with your face in a bucket of mojito. Even so, it was quite remarkable. People still think we faked it, which is a shame. I can tell you it wasn’t a set-up. Those were real people who were really angry, all as a result of my stupid slogans idea. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit, it’s one of the proudest moments of my career.


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Needs more reblogs.

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World War II -  How The Confederate Flag Made Its Way To Okinawa  On 29 May, Able Company, Red Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, commanded by South Carolina native Capt Julius Dusenberg, approached to within 800 yards of Shuri Castle. The castle lay within the zone of the 77th Infantry Division, known as the Statue of Liberty Boys. However, GEN Ushijima’s rear guard had stalled the 77 this advance. Impatient, Maj Gen del Valle ordered Capt Dusenberg to “take that damned place if you can. I’ll make the explanations.” Dusenberg radioed back, “Will do!” Dusenberg’s Marines stormed the stone fortress, quickly dispatching a detachment of Japanese soldiers who had remained behind. Once the casle had been taken, Dusenberg took off his helmet and removed a flag he had been carrying for just such a special occasion. He raised the flag at the highest point of the castle and let loose with a rebel yell. The flag waving overhead was not the Stars and Stripes, but the Confederate Stars and Bars. Most of the Marines joined in the yell, but a disapproving New Englander supposedly remarked, “What does he want now? Should we sing ‘Dixie?’” MG Andrew Bruce, the commanding general of the 77th Division, protested to the 10th Army that the Marines had stolen his prize. But LTG Buckner only mildly chided Maj Gen del Valle saying, “How can I be sore at him? My father fought under that flag!” LTG Buckner’s father was the Confederate BG Buckner who had surrendered Fort Donelson to then-BG Ulysses S. Grant in 1862. The Confederate Battle Flag flew only 2 days over Shuri Castle before the Stars and Stripes were formally raised on 31 May. Dusenberg’s flag was first lowered and presented to LTG Buckner as a souvenir. LTG Buckner remarked, “Okay! Now, let’s get on with the war!” Tragically, on 18 June, just days before Okinawa fell, an enemy shell killed LTG Buckner on Mezido Ridge while he was observing a Marine attack. Author’s Note: Supporting facts may be found in Iving Werstein’s book, OkinawaThe Last Ordeal, Crowell Company. New York, 1968. http://www.confederatedigest.com/2012/01/planting-confederate-flag-at-snui.html http://www.greyriderfordixienet.com/the-us-military-and-the-confederate-flag.html
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